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_old town Alcudia

tralevelling 2020…

Mallorca! That picturesque Mediterranean Spanish Island of I don’t know how many square meters and how big a population I don’t know – y’all can get this info on Wikipedia – taught me something beautiful and I feel like sharing this with the world.

Basically, as with the pandemic all travels became impossible. I felt something I used to feel in the past that started creeping up and getting louder and louder in my ear. FML, why again!! I took me years to get a passport and money to allow me to travel. And now that I’ve tasted of the sweet world citizen and wanderlust fruit I can’t stop anymore. But look at me! My mini world tour was too short in 2019 so I want to see more of the world. But the Rona said no. Not on my watch! WHY ME??? Whenever I move two steps ahead, I get thrown back 10 steps! No more discovering the planet and eating good food under the sun for me! I felt super miserable!

Why am I reflecting on all this? Fast forward to summertime, the numbers of infected dropped, economies were shaken, tourist hotspots reopened again. This is my chance! Luckily, a friend of has good connections and we were able to book an affordable flight for Spain and stay at a stunning Finca pretty much at the beach. Sounds perfect right?

unknown teritory

Nope, not for this overthinker right here. The destination was Mallorca. Now Mallorca is an amazing island you might think! But think again. And look at it through the lens of a hybrid. Oh yes, honey. This is the only perspective allowed here. All other perspectives can wait in line. As I proudly announce on start page I’m a cultural hybrid. Now before writing a whole dissertation I will try to sum it up for now. Basically cultural hybrid is meant in the sense of a subject that identifies with two or more cultures and furthermore constructs and deconstructs their own identity as they seem fit. Sorry, there is no way I can break it down in simpler terms for now. So, let me make it graspable with the example of my “former” issue with Mallorca.

When you come from Germany (one culture I identify with) Mallorca is a big deal. For me it always felt like Mallorca it is the offshore territory Germany always wanted and never got. When there is a tropical location Germans can vacate in without getting diarrhea or being lost in translation IT IS MALLORCA. Germany will gladly trade a BAXIT (Bavaria leaving the Federal Republic) for that beloved Island. For now, as we still have 16 States everybody mama knows that Mallorca is the 17th Bundesland. Trust me this is as common knowledge as Merkel will never seize power.

_Calla d’or

And one other thing is for sure. As a beautifully melaninated women born and raised in the DRC (the other culture I identify with) I’m strongly repulsed by above mentioned phenomenon very specific to Germans. As I do not look all blond-haired-and-blue-eyed and illegally migrated over here with my family, I’ve always felt like an alien over here. Honestly speaking many people and laws made sure I would feel like that! Just think Sting’s “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien…”. Fitting in was not an issue. You speak the language, you learn the history and you adopt the customs, but the skin color never changes, so you are always the one from somewhere else.

a legal alien

Naturally I started to find my own niche and reconnecting with my roots, being proud of my skin color while exploiting a few privileges on the go. One of which is this powerful red booklet with the Reichsadler on it opening the doors to may countries on this planet. Not to mention that it took me almost 20 years to claim that one. Now let me not mumble along. When it came to traveling, I made sure to visit countries where I would meet the minimum number of Germans. The reasoning is simple. I want to practice of few of the beautiful languages I speak and not be interrupted by some German Meckerkultur when I’m having a blast with the locals. Not to generalize but trust me, I’ve studied German behavior for two decades now. Very powerful passport. Enough money to travel anyplace. Still expecting Schwarzbrot and Pünktlichkeit everywhere! Don’t tell anyone but I found myself thinking similar in the past. Uff the indoctrination of it all.

_Torrent de Pareis

What I am trying to say here is that I’ve never been attracted to travel to Mallorca because of the above mentioned. I felt like I would not be able to peacefully order una Sangria por favor or be tranquillo on the highway because some drunk fellow German would scream “Ab zum Ballerman”! near the beach or “Drück mal auf die Tube Alte!” when I’m driving perfectly fine. I was not ready for that amount of Fremdschämen. And most importantly, being surrounded by too many Germans meant, I’d be the alien again.


The illegal alien. I wouldn’t be able to tell beautiful stories to the locals about my first home and my second home while cranking out some perfect German, French and Lingala sentences before someone would nonchalantly exclaims “Wo haben Ihre Eltern Ihre Wurzeln?”. All that overthinking meant no Mallorca for me est. 1999.

_Can Picafort

See this is what overthinking get you. I was cornered. No travel at all or Mallorca? Mallorca or no Mallorca? I had to change my mindset. I decide about the experience I make. So the flight was booked, the facemasks packet and the entry documents prepared. Let me tell you I was beautifully proven wrong! Maybe it was just that significantly less German tourist traveled there this year, maybe it was just the gratitude of being able to travel or having an amazing time with my friends.

worth the trip

The small escape from these crazy times dominated from an overflow of Rona updates was exactly what my soul needed. I was not the alien. I was just a woman enjoying a week of beach, sun and good food with her three friends. Comes to say that traveling as a cultural hybrid does not have to be hectic. You just must shift the perspective and opt for radical positivity. Never let anyone rain on your parade.


The end.